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10 Ideas To Entertain Your Guests From Isle of Wight Wedding Photographer SJ Jones

Updated: Apr 24

Most couples getting married want a photographer who is going to capture those really natural or relaxed photos of their guests having fun. Whilst we want to capture authentic moments and memories without posing anything there are a few little things you can do to help encourage the fun along the way! Its no accident that our best candid photos tend to be during the speeches or extra entertainment for guests! Here are 10 ideas to help spark your imagination when planning your big day. Our biggest tip is “don’t do what’s expected, do you!”

haseley manor wedding isle of wight

1. Why not go all out and have a marching band like Kirsty & Zac! This was a huge surprise for the guests, great fun with a huge impact and made for some amazing photos.

isle of wight wedding photographer bouncy castle

2. You can’t go wrong with a bouncy castle! Kids and grownups all love it. At Charlotte & Rich’s wedding we even got the Grandparents involved for a few group photos on it!

New Barn Farm wedding Isle of Wight

3. A photobooth or pod is still a winner! Guests love to dress up, its a great reminder for them and you as a couple often get a copy of each photo too! We loved this shot from Saphron & Nicks wedding.

The Royal esplanade hotel Isle of Wight wedding

4. You can’t beat a bit of magic for entertainment and guest reactions! Luke Lamont from Shuffles Events is one of the best and went down a storm with Zoe & Scotts guests.

The Apple Farm Isle of Wight Wedding

5. Who says you can’t play badminton at your wedding! Everyone loved this at Ellie & James’ wedding at the The Apple Farm and we captured some fantastic moments.

haseley manor wedding isle of wight photographer

6. Does it get better than playing with sparklers? For Ella & Adam we did a classic sparkler exit and the guests loved it. You can also just play around and have some fun with them if thats more your thing.

East Afton Farmhouse Wedding Isle of Wight

7. Mini Golf is always a winner and can be setup inside or outside and in some very creative ways. Wight Entertainment set this one up at East Afton Farmhouse for Jess and Jack.

Landguard manor wedding isle of wight

8. A fun casino always proves really popular with guests and provides some fantastic photo opportunities. This one was from Wight Entertainment at Hannah & Jamies’ own wedding.

compton farm isle of wight wedding

9. Glitter Tattoos/ Face painting is a great way to entertain kids and adults during the evening. We loved this one from Emily & Robs wedding last year

the square tower wedding photographer

10. And last but not least! Completely out of the box thinking and i’ve only seen it once. Milly & Dan’s self titled “$h1t raffle”.

Milly and Dan scoured the charity shops of Portsmouth for the most obscure and strange bunch of prizes, and created one of the most entertaining moments i’ve witnessed!

wedding illustration Isle of Wight

11. A bonus extra! We recently photographed Bryony & Toms Isle of Wight wedding at The Royal Hotel, Ventnor and worked with Chloe Alexandra studios. Chloe offers Live Illustration Packages and the guest reactions are always fantastic. Its a really great keepsake for your guests and she can also offer place tags; which are equally wonderful!

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